Pokhrel C, Jha CB, Niraula SR, Pokharel PR


Identification of an individual is one of the most difficult and challenging subjects that man has confronted. The determination of adult sex and estimation of stature are two of the four key factors (sex, stature, age, and race) in identification of an individual. Facial anthropometric parameters are important tools for forensic anthropologists when it is not possible to apply advanced techniques for identification purposes. The present study provides anthropometric correlation of the facial parameters with stature and also devises regression formulae for reconstruction of stature. A total of 312 Nepalese students from BPKIHS with equal distribution of sex of age 18-35 years were taken for the study, facial height and bi-zygomatic width were measured. Co-relation and regression analysis was done. The parameters were found to be greater in males than females and each was found to be statistically significant. The mean difference between the actual stature and estimated stature from regression equation was not significant. Thus,regression equations and analysis generated from facial anthropometric parameters can be a supplementary approach for the estimation of stature when extremities are not available.

Key words:  Facial anthropometry, Stature, Facial height, Bi-zygomatic width